Don’t Forget to Bring….

Here are a few thoughts on what you might want to bring with you on a visit to the Genealogy Center.

• You definitely will wish to have copies of your research notes, lists of questions to answer, and sources to check. Carrying your notebook computer is wonderful, but a list that you can carry around with you is nice, too. Be prepared by going over your material again to re-familiarize yourself with the background and challenges, and take a few minutes to search our book and microtext catalogs so you can hit the ground running.
• Bring a flash- (jump- or thumb-) drive. You can copy images of microfilm or download material from our computers. However, make sure that there are no programs already on the drive, as the ACPL system will not accept it if there are .exe files.
• Bring a notebook or folder in which to organize what you find. Make sure to cite the author, title, etc., when you make notes and/or copies.
• Don’t forget your favorite pens or pencils. Although we have golf pencils you may borrow, you’ll probably feel more comfortable using your own than the 3-inch versions.
• Bring money, preferably in $1 bills. Our photocopiers (ten cents per copy) take coins, and $1 and $5 bills, but the Pay-4-Print system to print from the computers (five cents per copy) will take only $1 bills.
Of course, these are just basics. There might be other items to being as well, such as a lock for your notebook computer, but be sure to bring your well-rested brain, as that’s always your best research tool!


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