Genealogy Discoveries on Flickr

When Flickr first became available online, many individuals rushed to post photos to share with friends and family, then genealogists discovered they could backup family images as well. Now Flickr can be used not only to protect our ancestral photos, but for actual genealogical research. The Commons on Flickr is a photographic archive where many genealogists are discovering their ancestors images online. Several public repositories’ images can be searched on Flickr such as The Library of Congress, Smithsonian, State Library and Archives of Florida, and the New York Public Library. Besides searching images on the Commons site, you can share stories and discuss the photos available on the site. Another great source for you to use!


2 Responses to Genealogy Discoveries on Flickr

  1. Jon Fackler says:

    During a family reunion a cousin of mine showed me a long lost diary from my great great grandfather Peter Shelly(spelled without the 2nd “e”). While editing and researching his diary I stumbled over the “Civil War Journal of Horace Harbaugh” edited by Alice Culp / Allen County Public Library Fort Wayne IN.
    Long story short…my great great grandfather Peter Shelly was with Horace Harbaugh and the 114th OVI. His daily diary shares the same informaton on the same days as Horace’s diary. I’m trying to contact the editor Alice Culp to share a copy of Peter’s diary with her. Please help me contact her.
    Thank you.
    Mr. Jon H. Fackler
    Hollywood, Fl.

    • Melissa says:

      It appears Alice Culp donated the material to the library, but there is no contact information listed in the front of the book. You can try websites such as Peoplefinder or Zabasearch to locate living people if you know more information about her.

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