Preparing for a Conference

Since our colleagues and researchers are at the FGS Conference this week, we thought we should share some ideas of how we prepare for a conference.

1. Review the program schedule ahead of time and print items from the syllabus that way you have it available to write notes.

2. Create handy “business cards” with your name, contact information, and surnames you are researching. It makes it easy to share and connect with new friends and family.

3. Read the websites and blogs for the organizations hosting the conference. Most groups want you to have a fun and productive time, so they will post information concerning local restaurants, events, research facilities, and sites to visit.

4. If setting aside time for genealogy research, create a research plan. Review research center/ courthouse/ library hours, rules, and catalog to save time.


2 Responses to Preparing for a Conference

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks Darlene! Its always wonderful to hear when someone enjoys visiting our facility. Keep watching our blog and Special Programs section of our website for future conference announcements.

  2. Darlene says:

    OK, so when are you all going to host another FGS or other national (or international) conference? I had such a good time at FGS 2007 and IBGS 2009. Me thinks I also came to an Indiana State Conference. I need no other excuse to come to Fort Wayne because I come to the genealogy center 3-5 times per year. But you folks were excellent hosts for all events.

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