Researching Long Distance via RAOGK

by Dawne

The situation happens to everyone eventually – you discover a record that you need copied, a quick look-up to be done, or a photograph of a tombstone – but it is in a distant state and you can’t get there yourself. Sometimes the easiest way to get record copies is through corresponding directly with the courthouse or library in the distant location. But in other cases, that can be expensive and/or take more time than you would like.

Another option is to hire a professional researcher to do the task for you. The Association of Professional Genealogists and the Board for Certification of Genealogists have lists of available professional researchers on their websites. Many libraries and courthouses also have lists of researchers who have placed their names with the facilities. But often these professionals require a multi-hour retainer to make the job worth their while, and if you have just a quick look-up to be done, this doesn’t really suit your needs.

Photo of gravestone of Mary, wife of Samuel Rhodes, died March 18, 1856, aged 50 ys. 6 mo. 11 ds. (Old Huntertown Cemetery, southeast corner of Dunton and Cedar Canyon Roads, Perry Township, Allen County, Indiana) that Dawne recently took and sent as a Random Act of Genealogical Kindness.

What to do? See if a volunteer will do the small (but significant to you!) job at the cost of any out-of-pocket expenses. Contact the genealogical society in the area where you need the look-up done and ask whether it has members who will do such work. Or go to the website of Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK) at and see whether anyone has registered to do lookups in the area in which you are interested.

Volunteers on the RAOGK have agreed to do one free genealogy research task at least once a month in their local areas. Those who take advantage of this service must pay the out-of-pocket expenses such as record fees, copy fees, postage, parking fees and the like. They also would like a thank you, of course. The RAOGK boasts more than 4,000 volunteers, with a volunteer in every state and many other countries.

Whether or not you are successful in finding someone who will perform a Random Act of Genealogical Kindness for you, consider adding your name to the list as someone who will do a look-up in your local area. One look-up a time, once a month, we can make long-distance genealogical research easier for everyone and perhaps even bank some good karma for our own genealogical endeavors!


5 Responses to Researching Long Distance via RAOGK

  1. Earlie Meyerhoefer says:

    Pretty good! Although I don’t go to your blog much but I must say that you simply always post amazing information along with the theme is rather good. Keep us updated mate! I enjoy your website and definately will keep on appreciating your effort anytime I visit.

  2. I would like some help in finding my Family in the Woodland Cemetery,In Staten Island new york, There name is Degen, Benedena DEGEN ALL were Buried IN the
    1800 TO early 1900, WHAT EVER HELP you can give me. I would be very thank full,
    I am 71, and just started my Genealogical,and just love it,
    Thank you

  3. Cheryl says:

    Our society is a historical/genealogical society. We have helped hundreds of people find records and do searches from our family history section. We try very hard to full fill the wishes of the researcher We don’t ask for money, or our expenses. It is the satisfaction that we get from being able to help anyone who asked…that is our reward.

    Gallia County Historical/Genealogical Society, Gallipolis, Ohio

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